Scale Wallet
Number one Everscale Crypto Wallet
currently supports in 89 and later Chromium, Chrome, Microsoft EDGE

• Providing Everscale network connection to web-page for decentralized applications
• Create TIP3 fungible tokens (most advanced version of TIP3 fungible token contracts)
• Transfer TIP3 fungible tokens (most advanced version of TIP3 fungible token contracts)
• Transfer EVER and Rubies
• Work with the main and test Everscale networks, and add your custom one
• Deploy of SafeMultisig and SURF contract wallets
• Make transfers to the address using the domains
• Create new seed phrase and keypair
• Import existing seed phrase
• Select useful name for public key
• Multilanguage (English, Russian and Spanish)
• Darkmode support
and much more with each update
Developers Team
Supported projects
The wallet already supports connection to most of the most popular products
The first collection of punks on the Everscale blockchain
System of decentralized domains from SuperArmor
Decentralized Lending Protocol
Developed to be trusted
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We are the best ones to provide quality and value to the user. Thanks to our major experience & perfectionism
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With our wallet, you can transfer crypto quickly & cheap . Most transactions can be completed in just a few seconds.
Easy to use
Built with accessibility in mind and following best practices.
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can text us during the weekends and at night.
Everscale Wallet is one of the safest methods to hold & transfer crypto.
Long-term solution
Best long term solution for investment purposes
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